The purpose of this International Workshop is to present and discuss the most innovative developments and researches on durability and sustainability of concrete construction. Among the topics to be addressed are: reduction in CO2 emissions; use of recycled materials and innovative products; design of durable structures; and maintenance, repair and refurbishment of concrete. The topics will be tackled from all perspectives, from material science to testing, from environmental impact evaluation to design under severe conditions and will include maintenance, monitoring, repair and reuse of concrete structures.

The workshop is organized by the American Concrete Institute Italy Chapter (ACI IC) and the Department of Civl, Chemical, Environmental, and Material Engineering (DICAM) of the University of Bologna. The workshop is co-sponsored by the American Concrete Institute.

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02 November 2015: A report on the workshop by Prof. M.A. Chiorino is available here. Photos taken during the workshop can be downloaded here.

24 September 2015: The final program of the workshop is now available here (download PDF).

16 June 2015: The tentative program of the workshop is now available here.

21 May 2015: Manuscripts can now be uploaded using the web site. Instructions are availabe in the proceedigs page.

27 April 2015: the style and format guide and the paper template can be downloaded in the proceedigs page.

27 Jan 2015: The abstract submission deadline has been postponed to March 15. Please check the "Important Dates" page for the new deadlines.

02 Jan 2015: The abstrast submission is now open. Please see the page "Submit abstracts" for instructions.